Mike Breaux

Mike, a successful business owner from Baytown, Texas, is the founder of International Coastal Construction,Inc.  Since 1999, ICC, inc has specialized in residential and commercial demolition and remodeling.  For over 20 years Mike has been called upon to provide remote site housing for the petrochemical industry and disaster relief/recovery victims from all over the globe.  Mike has provided housing, food and medical supplies in Mexico, Hatti, Louisiana, Honduras, Texas, New Mexico, California, Ohio, Mississippi and Florida.  
Mike also serves as the Vice President of Thomas Workforce Solutions, LLC.  TWS is a full-service provider of turn-key, temporary workforce housing in remote areas and extreme weather conditions across North America. With over 30 years of combined experience, the TWS team can coordinate every aspect of your facility from concept design and setup to management and catering.

Thomas Workforce Solutions LLC is DEDICATED, DETERMINED, and COMMITTED to bringing Workforce Groups all the comforts of home while working away from home.

“Thomas Workforce Solutions was founded on the premise that thoughtful design and quality construction, accompanied with unique amenities, is the best way to attract and maintain a skilled team.”

- Mike Breaux, TWS LLC

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Mike volunteers 20 hours a week at his local church.